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Home Energy Tune-uP Inspection;

How a Home Energy Tune-uP ® Inspection Can Help Homeowners and Home Buyers

With ever-rising energy prices, homeowners and home buyers are trying to find ways to make their homes more energy efficient. Save an average of 25% on your energy bill ($450/year);
  • Find out which improvements to make
  • Increase the comfort of your home - no drafts; better temperature control;
  • Increase the value of your home - each dollar spent on Tune-uP-recommended improvements will increase the future sales value by more than a dollar.

Energy Inspection Objective:

An energy inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of a home to determine what can and should be done to improve energy efficiency and to make the home more comfortable and safe to live in. A professional inspector, I will identify problems that, when corrected, save energy consumption and money over time. During the inspection we will pinpoint where your house is losing energy and what is causing the home to be uncomfortable.

The energy inspection that is performed on your home will result in a list of specific recommendations which, if followed will increase your home's energy efficiency and lower your utility cost. It will also reduce drafty issues and uneven temperatures that you may have been experiencing throughout the years.

Testing Method:

A series of diagnostic tests will be conducted in the home utilizing:
  • Moisture Meter - used to detect water and moisture problems
  • Gas Meters - used to detect natural gas and carbon monoxide leaks


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