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Mr. Duffy was a very thorough and professional home inspector.  The home we are purchasing was inspected properly and with us at his side with all issues expained to us in depth.  This made us feel both comfortable with the state of the house in some regards and know what issues needed to be dealt with before purchase and as we maintain the home ourselves.  The home inspection report is an invaluable document for us going forward, and it is both professional and very readable, and the digital pictures are definitely recommended.  We were very pleased with Mr. Duffy's knowledge, attention to detail, professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond our expectations.  He definitely receives our highest recommendation.
~Mark & Tara Settle
"My builder's repair coordinator called Eugene Duffy "the home inspector from hell" and pleaded, "how can he know so much"? Eugene quotes building code and manufacture's specs like a preacher quotes the bible. He saved me thousands of dollars in potential repairs of builder's errors by pointing out serious and minor problems that an inspector who was a Professional Engineer had missed. St. Eugene is the consummate professional and I recommend him without reservation. He is the best thing from Ireland since Guinness and is worth every penny of his fee!"
~ Darold C. Brooks
"Eugene, Have rec'd your report. Looks good. I was impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. Enjoyed seeing you work. I learned quite a bit. Thanks for your help."  
~ Mark Fraundorf
"Eugene did a fantastic job on inspecting our house. He is meticulous and thorough and really has an understanding of the way homes should be built. His report was very organized and clear to read and draws attention to problem areas or potential problem areas. Using Eugene 's inspection service saved me money on the purchase of our home.I recommend his service to anyone thinking of buying a home."
~ Martin Dijkema
"Thanks again Eugene for your professionalism and going the extra mile to make our home a better place to live. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication and effort that you show to your customers, by letting them know that you are on the customers side, and making sure that the builder does his job."
~ Jim and Beth Stumpfig
"Eugene, Jane and I want you to know that we have been enthusiastically telling our friends and business associates about the fine work you have done on our behalf with the three home inspections you have done for us. Most of us laypeople like to think that we have a good eye for spotting potential problems with structures and systems in the homes we are considering purchasing; however, you have certainly made a believer out of me that it would be sheer folly to procede with the purchase of a house without first having you, a certified home inspector, look over the property before the negotiations procede beyond the point of no return.
We have purchased and sold several homes in the past and had always treated the inspection process as being a mere formality. Eugene, since working with you I must admit, you have literally saved Jane and me hundreds of thousands of dollars. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel. I am always amazed at the thoroughness, and efficiency of your inspections. The suggestions and insights you have offered to us are well worth the cost of the home inspection. Your professionalism and loyalty to your clients are to be applauded.
Following the last home inspection you performed for us we found ourselves in possession of valuable knowledge that strengthened our bargaining position with the owner. After sitting down with the realtor with a copy of the report and photos you provided us we were able to negotiate more favorable terms on the property from a posture of fact, not merely speculation. We have purchased the house at a far more realistic price. With the aid of your report we are able to more effectively communicate our maintenance requirements to the tradespersons who will be making repairs for us. One might even say, Eugene, that you "showed us where the potential alligators" may be lurking with respect to needed repairs. We can confidently prioritize our maintenance and repairs as we go about making this house our home. Thank you for being on our team".
~Dave and Jane Hendrix